Expedia Is In Hot Water For How A Customer Service Agent Handled A Complaint

Travel booking website Expedia is having a pretty bad public relations day, after ignoring a customer whose reservation was cancelled with a ‘F*ck you!’ message added to her account. It started when Cara Viramontes called the company after they incorrectly charged her travel insurance for her eight month old son. According to her, the customer support she received was not helpful and she said so in an email survey Expedia automatically sends out after service calls.

Two days later, Viramontes received another email from Expedia saying her trip was cancelled. When she logged into her account, a message at the top of her now-useless itinerary said ‘F*ck you!’ To add insult to injury, Expedia claimed she was the one who cancelled the purchase and told her she’d have to pay $200 to rebook it.

It wasn’t until Viramontes went to the media and CBS2 LA started contacting Expedia that they released a statement, saying, “We take this matter very seriously and have opened up an investigation analyzing every click and action made by our customer service agents.”

As for Cara Viramontes? Expedia says it is re-booking her flight, refunding her money, and giving her a $500 voucher. And, we hope, taking a look into why it required the press getting involved before their customer service finally did the right thing.

(via CBS2 Los Angeles)

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