Ode To The Extended Road Trip


Does it keep you up at night? That unrelenting little voice that snickers every time you do something “normal?” The old friend that pokes and prods you, whispering “go” right after your boss hints at a raise. It’s the voice of your inner wanderer, the part of you that knows you deserve to be one of the vagabonds, the artists, the seekers, the “mad ones.” It’s the same voice you thought would die off once you took the cush office job with benefits and a 401K. Those were the perks you wanted, the perks you needed. But as your sense of security grew, you realized that the book of your life stood the risk of being a terrible read. There needs to be another chapter. One in which your eyes open and you decide that the status quo just won’t cut it anymore.

There needs to be a road trip.

A road trip will breathe some air back into your inner wanderer. It will help you get the balance between working and living back in check. It will allow you to dream again. It’s time to embrace your restless yearnings and make the change you’ve been waiting for. Leave sure things and security in the cubicle; they’ll be there when you get back. Learn from the great dreamers who came before you and uproot… If only for a moment.

Pack up. It’s time.


Following an adorable text exchange with his wife, it was clear to Richard Giordano of @Desktoglory fame that a serious discussion was in order. “We met for our ‘life chat’ at Trees Organic Coffee in Vancouver, BC, on April 13, 2013,” he says, adding that, to him, it became glaringly obvious that the time had come to move. “Our full-time day jobs as a paralegal and engineering technologist, combined with our part-time evening and weekend jobs as a nutritionist and wedding photographer became a little too much for us that afternoon. It was time for a change, and time to ask ourselves the question, ‘What are we going to do about it?’ ”

Desk2Glory_6 (1)

Souls like the Giordanos’ — forever eager and restless — needed to act on their “itchy feet syndrome.” There comes a point where the call of the road can be avoided no longer. The song is too intoxicating. Jad Josey, GM of GoWesty camper products, understands the allure of the road trip.