Here’s Why Facebook Is Telling You That All Your Friends Are Dead


In the wake of the election and finger-pointing over who’s to blame, Facebook has not had a good week. So now would be a really bad time for a very visible, very uncomfortable bug to start telling users they’re dead. But guess what’s happening on Facebook right now.

Yep, people are allegedly dropping like flies, at least according to Facebook. Users are clicking over to their profiles and seeing this:

That would be Facebook’s “memorial” tool, that allows people to comment on the Walls of Facebook friends who have passed. It’s affecting users across the site, including Mark Zuckerberg, and, of course, confusing the heck out of just about everyone.

It’s not clear, why, exactly, Facebook’s code chose today to put up a virtual gravestone. But in light of 2016’s ongoing rampage of bad news, it’s probably the worst possible timing. Hopefully Facebook’s artificial intelligence hasn’t become sentient and is trying to send us a warning, not least because we’re completely obtuse. You’re going to have to be a lot more direct, M. Maybe start an event called “The Apocalypse” and invite everyone on the site to check in. You know what? Even a Poke would probably be better.

(Via Business Insider)