Study: If Your Girlfriend’s Doing This During Sex, She’ll Probably Cheat On You


Let’s be real, being cheated on sucks. It sucks so hard. It’s so terrible that even the word “sucks” can’t encompass the enormity of how awful and terrible you feel. Being cheated on is devastating, it’s cruel, and it will leave you both decimated and looking for revenge (and/or an opportunity to confront the lover who spurned you on national television, thereby turning their awfulness into a meme that no one will forget). That’s why we always want to know why cheating happens and how to prevent it. And now, science has revealed one more piece of the puzzle. Turns out that if the woman in your life isn’t into sex with you, there may be problems down the line.

According to a 2013 study that’s making waves today, researchers found that women who fake orgasms are more likely to embrace infidelity than those who don’t. Whose fault is it, really? Only heaven (and the cheating partner’s friends) knows, but the results of the study — entitled Human Female Orgasm as Evolved Signal — suggest that it’s time to get serious about communication and problem-solving if you’re finding that your girlfriend’s orgasms are mere artifice. “Faked orgasm was associated with female sexual infidelity and lower male relationship satisfaction,” the study’s authors wrote.

To study this, they gathered 138 female subjects and 121 male subjects currently in heterosexual relationships and asked them. Women were asked about “the frequency and quality of their orgasms” while men were asked about how often they believed their girlfriends actually climaxed during sex. Subjects were also asked about whether they had a history of infidelity and whether they saw themselves cheating again. After the numbers were crunched, researchers found that faking orgasms and infidelity were connected.

What’s interesting here is that the number of real orgasms one has isn’t actually as important as whether someone’s faking them. In fact, researchers found that fewer orgasms weren’t the actual problem. So if your sex life is dull and you need help (we’ve got a guide!), this might be a good time to have a conversation with your partner. Because if she’s faking her orgasms, she may be faking her feelings for you.

(Via The Daily Mail)