This Traveling Family Brings You All Around The World In 333 One-Second Clips

12.05.15 3 years ago

Some families are just plain rad. There are plenty of other words to describe such families but ‘rad’ feels…right. Such is the case with the Fassbender family. Tom, Samantha, Francesca, and Jacqueline all set out 333 days ago to circumnavigate the globe as a family. That in itself is rad. To take it one step further and to induce a bit of envy in the rest of us, they filmed a one second clip every day and edited these clips together in a mesmerizingly/inspiring six minute short film.

In those 333 days the family traveled to 35+ countries and documented the entire journey on their website. They carried out individual projects and were all assigned positions, all things rad. Their site lists Tom Fassbender as “director of organizational efficiency” on the trip, he was also largely responsible for the filming. His wife was vice president of travel and lodging, and their two daughters were master of coin and travel auditor, respectively. Their site also has four separate blog sections so each family member can describe their own experiences. All elements that are a far cry from the ‘typical’ or ‘expected.’

The Fassbender globetrotting has come to an end since this video’s release but perhaps the video will inspire other families to hit the road!

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