How To Save Money At The Farmers’ Market This Spring

04.22.17 2 years ago


Spring is an exciting time of year at the farmers’ market. For many communities across the country, it’s when markets are reopening for the season. When the root vegetables and dark leafy greens of winter are supplemented by bountiful asparagus, dandelions, and vibrant bundles of rainbow chard.

There’s this myth that farmers’ markets are pricey. It’s true that there are a few farmers’ markets that are high-end, but many are surprisingly affordable and accessible. More importantly: most farmers’ markets reflect the true cost of food by taking into account labor and environmental impact.

That said, there are many simple ways to save money when you shop the farmers’ market. Supporting sustainable agriculture and eating your values is possible on a budget—especially when you put these three tenets into effect.



Eat ugly! Slightly blemished or disfigured pieces of produce aren’t any less nutritious, but because of absurd supermarket standards, many farmers can’t sell their ugly fruit and vegetables. Ask for “seconds” when you pop by the market to score tasty — if aesthetically flawed — fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the price.

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