‘Fat Vincent’ The Dachshund Lost Half His Weight To Become ‘Skinny Vinnie’

Back in September we fell in love with a Dachshund who had more than a few pounds to lose. Fat Vincent was a dog who sadly came to the Harris County Animal Shelter after his owner passed away. To add to his heartbreak, he was also extremely overweight. We’re not talking about a pound or two after a weekend bender of Beggin’ Strips either – this pooch was pushing 38 pounds, which is an insane amount of weight for his breed. His health and his life changed when the folks at K-9 Angels Rescue in Houston, TX decided to foster the dog and put him to work on an impressive diet plan and workout regiment.

After almost 8 months, the Dachshund-formally-known-as-Fat Vincent has lost a tremendous amount of weight. Vincent’s foster mother, Melissa Anderson, started him on pool aerobics and cut his portion sizes down. Eventually Fat Vincent was able to go on longer walks, and the fat began to melt away. Anderson told CNN, that he walks for an hour 5 to 6 times a week.

Here’s how he looks now.

Every step of Vincent’s weight-loss progress has been documented on his Facebook page. He’s currently down to a buff 17 pounds and has been renamed Skinny Vinnie, but according to Anderson he still has a pound and a half to go before he can be adopted.

(Via: CNN and Huffington Post)