Health Nuts Are Now Drinking Water Infused With Fat


If you’ve been dying to know what the next great health craze is, then here is one possible new super ingredient to consider… fat. If this sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because it’s from the guy who invented Bulletproof Coffee, or butter coffee. David Asprey is now telling people that putting fat in their water will not only burn more calories but will also rehydrate cells faster.

Oh, really? Because putting fat in your water sounds just about as weird as, I don’t know, putting butter in your coffee. Especially if that fat is an oil, because I’ve always heard that oil and water don’t mix. It’s a commonly used idiom for when people don’t get along. So, why are we putting oil in water, David Asprey?

“The oils enhance thermogenesis, which is a fancy word for ‘fat burning,’ ” said Asprey speaking to the New York Daily News. “They get burned as energy and have an appetite-suppression effect. It’s not like we put in sunflower oil or canola.”

Yeah, because that would be so weird! Anyway, FATWater costs about $5 for a 473 mL (16 oz) bottle and comes in a few flavors, all of which are infused with coconut oil for all of your thermogenetic needs.


Another option if you don’t want to put something called FATWater in your mouth (seriously, Bulletproof Coffee sounds so much more badass and enticing): Drink regular water for free and take a freaking walk.

Source: Good Food