Team Dry Land Loses Again As A Shark Is Spotted In The San Francisco Bay For The First Time

Another day, another reason to stay on dry land forever. While touring Alcatraz Island, a bunch of tourists witnessed the gruesome sight of a great white shark feasting on what probably once was a sea lion. Despite the loads of blood and general proximity to one of the most dangerous creatures roaming the earth, the kid recording seems completely engrossed in what is unfolding in the water before him, shrieking “this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” and “Its heart is floating away…COOL.”

Aside from the scare factor, this is significant because it is the first recording of a great white shark attack in the San Francisco Bay area. David McGuire, director of the shark conservation group Shark Stewards confirmed this new activity.

“This is the first recorded predation event by a white shark I’m aware of in the San Francisco Bay,’ said McGuire. “It is definitely a white shark, about 8-10 feet, based on the video sent to us. The tourists were very excited.”

While this might seem like a reason to panic and cancel all your beach plans for next summer, McGuire assures the public that this is a good thing and a sign of a flourishing ecosystem.

“For me its pretty exciting and a sign that the health is returning to the San Francisco Bay ecosystem. We swim in the Bay every day at the Dolphin Club without a shark encounter. Its why we call this month Sharktober.” said McGuire. “The risk of shark attack is extremely low. Over eighty swimmers from the Dolphin Club and South End Rowing Club swam from Alactraz last week, and another race is scheduled for next weekend. It is up to the leadership what to do, but I suspect this shark is well fed and long gone.”

Either way, you can’t be too careful. Perhaps if things really get out of hand, they should call up Nicholas Cage to deal with it. I mean, the man broke into Alcatraz, so a few sharks should be a piece of cake.

(Via Newsweek)