This ‘Fishing Wasted Championship’ Is Exactly What It Sounds Like, A Lot Of Fun

Fishing can either be a leisurely, relaxing, and altogether peaceful activity that families and loners alike can enjoy out on the water. Or, it can be a full contact sport with high stakes competitions and crazily conceived championships that make a day out on the water filled with unexpected twists and general insanity. The second option is where the “Fishing Wasted Championship” comes in, for this is exactly what it sounds like as a competition.

As the above video shows, the championship consists of trying (and succeeding?) to catch fish while getting increasingly hammered in order to win a trophy. As everyone knows, winning a trophy is the most important thing in life you can do even if the other option is to protect your liver from alcohol poisoning. One guy wants to claim the very originally named BOOZ TROPHY for himself so badly that he enters the competition even though drinking is not really his thing. That, folks, is how you end up puking into a lake and then falling headfirst into that same lake and have to be fished out – pun intended.

The video doesn’t specify where this epic competition takes place, but it certainly seems like a European enclave that breeds drunk fisherman like they are training all their lives for the BOOZ TROPHY moment. There are also other “gifts” on the line, although the host never specifies what those gifts might be. They might just be a few frozen bratwurst and a fishing pole given to the victor, but the concept of mystery gifts is intriguing enough that everyone should go enter this competition immediately and report back on how much you had to guzzle to get that first place trophy.