Five-Star Hotel In Belfast Boasts Pricey ‘Water Menu’ Complete With $40 Bottles And Butlers

Back in June, NASA warned that we may be running out of drinking water. The troubling news hasn’t stopped Tom Selleck from stealing the refreshing liquids for his avocado farm. It also hasn’t kept a Belfast hotel from peddling the stuff for an exorbitant price of $40.00 per bottle.

The extra pricey beverage is part of the Merchant Hotel’s new “water menu,” an exclusive collection of 13 of “the world’s purest waters, with bottles originating from 10 countries including Italy, Iceland, Finland, the Faroe Islands and Fiji,” according to the local Telegraph newspaper. The H2O, which ranges from £4.95 ($7.70) to £26.45 ($40) a pop, is said to be sourced from tropical islands, mountain ranges, and even Arctic glaciers.

“Whilst experts can differentiate between the mineral content and PH balance of different types of water, discerning consumers are also increasingly demanding a wider choice of waters,” general manager Gavin Carroll told the Telegraph. “The ethos behind the new water menu is to allow our guests to have the chance and choice to curate their own bespoke food and beverage experience.”

But wait! The fancy-pants experience doesn’t stop there.

It’s only right that the world’s purest of waters is served in elegant fashion: The five-star Merchant Hotel employs butlers to assist such patrons who apparently have an egregious amount of money to burn. “Our water butlers can help customers decide on the type water that will best complement the food and wine they choose, to enable them to experience the perfect taste journey.”

Below, check out a few of the classy waters available to order, complete with their mineral breakdowns, because of course:

Fuiggi Italy, Still: Frosinone – £11.50 1000ml Btl
Loved by Michelangelo, Fiuggi mineral water is a natural medicine, Italy’s pride and natural wonder. The healing Fiuggi water is an effective cure for urinary tract infections, gout, arthritis and arthrosis. TDS 122mg – Sodium 6.4mg – Magnesium 6.3mg – Calcium 15.9mg

Iceberg, Still: Canadian Arctic Ice shelf Newfoundland – £26.45 750ml Btl
In the Canadian Arctic, the snow froze and compacted into enormous glacial walls, sheltered from all impurities from the outside world. Thousands of years later, the ice is considered to hold the purest water on earth. The water has the lowest mineral content of any bottled water, resulting in a smooth and neutral taste. TDS 9mg – Sodium 1.5mg – Magnesium 0.4mg – Calcium 0.7mg

SNO Glacial, Still: Iceland – £7.15 750ml Btl
From the 20,000 year old Eyjafjallajökull Glacier in Iceland, completely unaltered with nothing added or taken away. 100% Natural. SNO comes from a time when the world was unspoiled and un-polluted, where it is filtered naturally through layers of volcanic lava rock. It is naturally high in Oxygen. TDS 52mg – Sodium 7.2mg – Magnesium 2.9mg – Calcium 2.4mg

(Via Gizmodo / Belfast Telegraph)