Airplanes Are More Disgusting Than You Ever Imagined, According To Flight Attendants

09.29.16 3 years ago


Flight attendants might seem like they’re only on board to hand out packets of peanuts and top off your Bloody Mary mix, but they actually know a whole lot more than we give them credit for — after all, they’re trained in everything from emergency passenger evacuation management to CPR and defibrillation. With all that time spent in the aircraft, they’re practically experts on air travel.

Leave it to Quora, then, to come up with a question that brings out the best and the worst in flight attendants’ airplane knowledge: several pitched in with answers to the question, “What do flight attendants know about flying that they don’t tell passengers?”

The answers range from the interesting to the horrifying, starting with Anya Mary’s advice on why it’s best to travel early:

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