Mad Beef: Woman Struck By Flying Brisket.

Tempers were flaring and briskets were flying at the Kentucky State Barbecue Festival on Sunday. An employee for Fire House BBQ was caught in the middle of an argument between pit master Mike Owings and another unnamed pit master over the sharing of a cooker. (According to this report from WKYT News, someone was “hogging the grill.”)

As it turns out, the middle of a dispute over shared barbecue space is not a safe place to be. Because brisket, fresh off the grill, is hot — like, smoking, up-to-250-degrees hot. Mary Berry, the injured worker, suffered burns on her right shoulder, neck, and back after being struck by the airborne brisket, which Owings threw after losing his temper. We won’t even mention the loss of that beautiful brisket. Okay, we will.

RIP, poor brisket. You had so much potential. Too bad this hero wasn’t there to save you.

Owings was charged with second-degree wanton endangerment and held in jail for the incident. According to a statement he made to the authorities, he “didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt.” We’re sure he didn’t mean to let a good piece of barbecue fall to the ground, either.