This New Travel Show Is A Living Incarnation Of Your Childhood ‘I Don’t Want To Go To Bed’ Fantasies

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Food Beast

Remember when you were a kid and dreamt of a future when you wouldn’t be governed by your parents’ despotic rule and could eat as much candy as cereal as you damn well pleased? How fun was it to imagine what life would be like when you were an adult and could do whatever you wanted because it was your house and your rules? And how many of us grew up to follow through on all those promises to live every day like it was our rockin’ last, just as soon as we turned 18?

No? Fear not. You can always make changes. It’s never too late to start l-i-v-i-n’ as Matt McC might say.

Our friends at Food Beast (in conjunction with TasteMade) are getting the ball rolling. In their new series “All Nighter,” the website is sending the nocturnal Elie Ayrouth around the country to blast the myth that “nothing good happens after 2am” wide open. And with shows about LA, Portland, and Denver (among others), the videos are already proving that staying up all night and trying out all the after-hours places in your city is something you’ve got to try at least once.

Think all that “city never sleeps” stuff is just about New York? Then check out this insane video of Ayrouth taking on Asheville, North Carolina. With stops at the Waffle House (with a paranormal investigator, natch), a bar called The Odditorium, and a visit to a tarot card reader, don’t be surprised if Ayrouth inspires you to take a nap and then spend your Friday night haunting every place open after midnight in a neighborhood near you.

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