You Can Now Learn How To Make All Your Favorite Foods From ‘Seinfeld’

If you watched Seinfeld, you most likely remember the surly, rigid character known lovingly as “The Soup Nazi.” Although he wasn’t a regular (he only appeared in one episode), he’s still one of the most remembered, easily quotable characters to appear on the show. In the years since the show ended, many have wondered how exactly he made his famous soups as well as the recipes for countless other foods associated with the series. And even though it took two decades, eventually somebody had to step up and take on the task of demystifying Seinfeld’s food secrets. . That man is YouTube chef Andrew Rea (also known as Binging With Babish).

Thanks to Babish, you no longer have to lay awake in bed wondering how to make the Soup Nazi’s wild mushroom soup, Elaine’s famous muffin tops, or even Jerry’s favorite cinnamon (and chocolate) babka. That’s because he’s created the first Seinfeld-centric how-to video. The rising YouTube star already showed us how to make the foods of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, South Park, and Rick and Morty, but now he’s ready to tackle the “show about nothing.”

During its run, Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer brought the world such important phrases as close-talker, anti-dentite, hipster doofus,manssiere, The Human Fund, and most importantly Festivus. But, even though the show revolved around the sometimes mundane life of these four New Yorkers and the exploits they got into, food as a huge part of the show.

Take a look at the video below to learn how to make these three iconic Seinfeld dishes:

Since the video is titled, “Seinfeld Special Part I,” that would lead us to believe that Rea is going to drop a part II and maybe even a part III in the upcoming weeks. While there are many more foods associated with this iconic show, it makes us wonder if we might finally learn the recipe to some of the other “Soup Nazi” classic soups, Frank Costanza’s stinky Kasha, or Kramer and Newman’s sausages. A how-to tutorial on creating our own Fusilli Jerry might be worth a video of its own.