Plastic Cups And Cutlery Won’t Be Welcome In France When 2020 Arrives


If your disposable dishware isn’t biodegradable and can’t be composted then France wants nothing to do with it. Nothing.

In a brazen move, the country of France has decided to do their part to protect Mother Earth by outlawing the use and sale of plastic cups, plates, forks, sporks, spoons, knives and whatever else falls into the dishware and silverware category that hasn’t been mentioned already, reports Mashable. While it’s not immediately evident if France even has sporks, what we can glean from this latest bit of news that come 2020 they will not be welcome in the land of baguettes, soft cheeses and romance.

France, who enacted a ban of plastic bags in July, continues their march toward eco-friendliness with the latest ban. The law requires that disposable cutlery and the like must be made from biologically-sourced materials, then be able to be tossed into a compost pile afterwards and naturally decompose. It is, of course, not without its critics, as the folks in the packaging industry — whom we shall refer to as BIG PLASTIC — claim that the ban violates the European Union’s rules on free movement of trade.

Biodegradable cups and plates have become more common, but cutlery is perhaps the one area in which the world is dragging its collective feet. The world will be watching to see how this pans out, because that scene in Veep where the cornstarch spoon melts in Selena’s coffee is still fresh in our memory.

(Via Mashable)