You Won’t Believe All The Free Stuff This Guy Managed To Score On His Birthday

Everybody knows that certain businesses give out free loot when it’s your birthday, but how many of us really take them up on the offer? I mean sure, you might get your free coffee or Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast (to this day, one of the most well known birthday freebies) but the fact remains, you could be taking so much more of an advantage of your special day.

To that point, when YouTuber Kent Yoshimura celebrated his birthday last week on January 18, he set out to see how much stuff he could score over the course of one day, and the answer was not surprisingly: a lot! Yoshimura started out the day for his aforementioned Denny’s breakfast, and from there he stopped by Red Robin for his free burger and fries, Starbucks for a free coffee, Johnny Rockets for another free burger and fries (complete with ketchup smiley face, because it’s the little things), and eventually made his way to Hooters, Veggie Grill, and Krispy Kreme, among other stops.

When all was said and done, by the end of the day Yoshimura impressively managed to rack up just a few bucks short of $100 worth of stuff — not bad! So on your next birthday, let this brave, wise man lead by example. If you’re not getting it for free you’re not doing it right.