The Cheesecake Factory Will Bring Free Cheesecake To Your Door Today

I can’t help but assume that in accepting this assignment I have doomed myself to failure, as the Uproxx Life section’s previous Cheesecake Factory work was predominantly performed by writers Allison Sanchez and Mark Shrayber, who have a bizarre, cultish fixation with the chain. However, I (like you) enjoy cheesecake and, therefore, believe we can get through this together. We will rebrand #cheescakelyfe for a new era. And, it will all begin today, December 6, 2017, the day that will be remembered not as the day when Time announced the #MeToo movement as the Person of the Year but as the day The Factory delivered 10,000 slices of free cheesecake.

Cheesecake has declared today the “Day of 10,000 slices” and committed to delivering free cheesecake to lovers of dairy-laden desserts who place a delivery order with the restaurant via DoorDash. That’s right, it’s only for delivery customers, but that ultimately makes it better because you get tasty, tasty eatables without having to leave your house. All cheesecake, no showering. To get in on the action, enter the promo code “10000SLICES” at checkout and you get a free slice up to $8.50 in value. And, there’s no minimum order necessary, so you don’t have to grab four courses just to get a deal.

Plus, between December 6 and December 12, all delivery orders will be fulfilled without a charge, and you don’t even need a promo code for that. So, you get the free cheesecake and it’s delivered for free. Perhaps, it’s sheer holiday spirit. Perhaps, a group of four high school girls gathered together on the beach to cast a particularly effective spell. Whatever the reason for this bounty of cheesecake, let us be grateful.

Cheesecake can be delivered through DoorDash in more than 70 cities nationwide, so people in biggies like New York and San Francisco are in luck. That may not be the case in smaller towns. To check if your area is included, go to Cheesecake Factory’s DoorDash delivery page and enter your address. For instance, they will not bring cheesecake to my apartment. This may be why I haven’t developed the passionate fervor of my colleagues. Make me love you, Cheesecake.