Here’s Where To Get Free Food For National Nachos Day [UPDATING]

Nachos are potentially the greatest invention of the 20th Century. We didn’t do a ton of research about other things that where invented between 1900 and 2000, but we can be pretty sure none of them have had the cultural impact of tortilla chips slathered in cheese and covered in any number of ingredients — from salsa, to jalapenos, to olives, to steak. They are just so good.

Quick example: Spaceships were also invented in the 20th century, but not everyone gets to enjoy spaceships. Everyone can enjoy nachos. They are the perfect food for watching sports (just ask Chris Christie) and they pair perfectly with a cold pint of beer. Nachos are so good, that they deserve their own day. If tacos have their own day (October 4th) so should their cousin the gooey, spicy, queso-covered nacho.

Lucky for you, today is that day and there are deals from coast to coast — including a few restaurants that are actually giving away free nachos (yes, free!). Check out all the deals below:

Good Stuff

Visit any Good Stuff location in Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and El Segundo, California to get a giant plate of nachos for only $6.


Stop by any New Jersey or Houlihan’s location and get an order of Bar Nachos for only $5

On The Border

To celebrate this important day, On The Border is giving customers Stacked or Grande Fajita nachos for 50% off.

Rubio’s Coastal Grill

Visit any Rubio’s location and grab yourself a full order of cheese nachos for $5 or chicken nachos for $6 when you buy an entrée. You will need this coupon to get this deal though.

Stop by any Salsarita’s location and get free chips and queso when you sign up for the chain’s rewards program.


To celebrate National Nacho Day, this Mexican-food chain is offering customers $2 nachos from today until Friday.

Taco John’s

Visit any Taco John’s location today and get a free order of chips and nacho cheese in celebration of National Nachos Day.

TGI Fridays

Stop by any TGI Fridays location and get endless Loaded Bacon Nachos, featuring poblano queso, for only $10.

Tijuana Flats

To celebrate the holiday, Tijuana Flats is selling nachos for only $5 and for an extra $1 they will add steak.