Free Shipping Friday Lets You Escape Going To The Mall


If you’ve read our gift guides, no doubt you’ve noticed that the gifts may be wallet-friendly, but getting them shipped can be a bit more costly. Fortunately, retailers will have your back December 15th with Free Shipping Friday. So who’s involved, and what do you need to do?

Yes, they’re serious. Shipping on Friday is completely free. It includes shops ranging from camera stores to florists to, uh, contact lens companies for some reason. Give the gift of vision, we guess? Anyway, according to the site that runs it, Free Shipping Day has only a handful of rules. Namely, the items people order need to be in-stock and ready-to-ship, and that there can’t be a minimum on the order. The only items that can be omitted are personalized items and over-sized stuff. Sorry, you’re not getting free shipping on a couch.

The whole idea is to get you to go directly to some retailers instead of buying their things off of Amazon, of course, but the store list is fairly extensive, and that can lead to some interesting deals, especially with the stuff that’s harder to find or harder to get a good shipping deal on. Besides, free shipping also means that you don’t have to go to the mall on the second-to-last shopping Friday before Christmas, and that’s truly a holiday miracle.

(via Travel and Leisure)