Del Taco Is Trolling Taco Bell And You Can Get Free Tacos Because Of It

Del Taco/Uproxx

The fast-food war is a good thing for all of us. Just hear us out: any time two fast-food giants start talking trash on Twitter it usually results in free food. Which kind of turns all of us into the fast food equivalents of Dick Cheney — hell-bent on mayhem and unapologetic about it. And today is no exception.

Tuesday, June 18th will mark a day worth telling your kids about (“Gather round and listen to the time I hustled across town just to get two one dollar tacos for free!”), for it is the day of the great war of tacos — a day that saw both Taco Bell and Del Taco giving out free food. To which we say, your move Chipotle and El Pollo Loco.

Taco Bell is currently giving out their Doritos Locos taco for free, either in person between 2-6 pm local time, or all day if you order via the mobile app. The deal comes out of Taco Bell’s annual “Steal a Game, Steal a Taco” promo, which is somehow basketball related, but we could care less about the details because — taco.

Feeling an itch to troll, Del Taco decided to also offer free tacos all day via their mobile app. To add salt to the wound, they went ahead and one-upped the mighty Bell by extending the deal to any taco on their menu. Which is a dope deal considering their selections include beer-battered tacos, street tacos, and a Beyond Meat taco to name a few.

So far the clear winner in our book is Del Taco but since this is 2019 and we’re sure Taco Bell is already well aware of the stunt, we’re waiting to call it in case Taco Bell decides to retaliate. Your move Taco Bell, we have no problem stoking the flames of war if it means more free food!