A Drunk French Montana Tells The World How He Feels About 50 Cent’s Vodka

05.08.16 3 years ago

French Montana let the world know how he really feels about 50 Cent‘s Effen Vodka once again. An extremely drunk French tossed a leaky bottle of the rap mogul’s vodka in the trash at the Power 105.1 studios in New York, and it was all caught on camera.

It’s hard to make out exactly what French is saying in the video because his words are so slurred, but it doesn’t stop him from clowning 50’s liquor brand by asking, “Who drinks this f***ing Four Loko . . . this Thunderbird?” He jokes about wanting to slam the bottle against the wall of the studio at first until someone places an open trashcan in front of him.

Before he drops the bottle in the trash, French gives a big shoutout to Effen’s rival vodka Ciroc, P. Diddy’s brand, and grips a huge bottle of Hennessy, his clear drink of choice for the night. 50 and Diddy have been going back and forth about their vodkas for a few years now.

This isn’t the first time French dissed 50’s vodka. He threw a whole box of the rapper’s liquor away last summer and shared it on Instagram with the caption:

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