This College Freshman Celebrated ‘No More Drama’ By Hanging Her Roommate’s Subtweets All Over Their Dorm

Roommates suck. The only real benefit to having a roommate — especially during your college years — is that it makes financial sense. But that’s literally it. If it’s not for the cost-cutting benefits, why the hell would anyone want to room with a stranger who doesn’t understand important phrases such as “personal space” or “do not touch my things”? It always makes for petty, passive-aggressive drama. Case in point, this Penn State student’s experience with her shady roomie.

It’s 2016, so nobody really says it like they mean it to each other’s faces anymore, opting to just throw a blanket of thick shade all over social media instead. Which is exactly what Twitter user Jessica Jeanie’s roomie Nikki did. Apparently, Nikki was taking to social media to air the dirty laundry about Jessica’s “whooping cough,” and how much of a “horror story” it was being her roommate. And of course Jessica saw the tweets (just like she was meant to!). So what did she do? The only thing you can do when faced with pettiness…match it with savagery.

Jessica printed out all the subtweets Nikki wrote about her and put them up in their shared dorm room. She even dressed the display up with lovely clip art hearts for a touch of eleganza.

Jessica’s passive-aggressive action ended up making her famous both online and offline, with her tweet getting over 85,000 retweets and Penn State students lining up outside her dorm room to see the spot where it all happened. It also got the attention of her RA, who messaged her to “remain neutral” until they can all have a sit down. Jessica also shared text messages between herself and Nikki in which Nikki complained about Jessica’s “illegal” weed usage. So much drama. But not for long!

Jessica says her school wants her to move out, even though it’s Nikki who “can’t stand” her after only two weeks of knowing her. It’s probably the weed that did her in. Nevertheless, Nikki has also admitted her wrongdoing for the subtweets but Jessie isn’t buying it, tweeting, “I wonder if she had felt that way if she didn’t get caught?” Who knows.

The lesson here? Unless you’re The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, subtweeting is not an effective form of communication.

(Via Bro Bible)