These Friendly Cops Breaking Up A Kegger Is Exactly Why Everyone Loves Canada

Canada, our neighbor to the north, has brought us a lot. Poutine, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holding press conferences with President Obama, and kindness.

Well, not really, but we all know that Canadians have friendliness on lock. Here’s BuzzFeed with some anecdotal evidence, about a kegger that Canadian cops broke up in the nicest way possible.

On St. Patrick’s Day, some university students bought some kegs and then charged people to drink from them. This practice, however, is illegal without a permit, so the police came to break up the party and confiscate the kegs. The partying students weren’t mad, though. In fact, they helped the police load the kegs into their vehicles. Then they took a picture with the cops.

The pictures were put up on the local police station’s Twitter account, to show what cooperative community policing looks like. Of course, people on Twitter said “only in Canada,” when they saw this news.

A respectable St. Patrick’s Day (as oppose to a barf-and-belligerent-drunkard filled one), and polite cops interacting with polite partygoers–it all sounds a bit too good to be true, even if it is Canada. It also sounds like one more reason to move there if the election goes a certain way in November.

(Via BuzzFeed)

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