Industry Friends And Celebrities Are Posting Heartwarming Messages For #BourdainDay

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Anthony Bourdain is alive and well in the hearts of fans and friends on what is turning out to be a successful first Bourdain Day. Created by friends and fellow celebrity chefs Eric Ripert and José Andrés, Bourdain day is meant to be a simple celebration — easy enough for anyone anywhere in the world to take part. Simply raise a glass and “toast to Tony!”

This being 2019, it isn’t enough to just toast somebody in the real world. We have to do it digitally as well, which is why many people — including the late chef’s famous friends — are taking to social media and using the hashtag #BourdainDay to share words about the renowned vagabond on what would’ve been his 63rd birthday.

Before we get to the tribute tweets, we’d like to put this tweet from The Restaurant Manifesto on your radar.

The Restaurant Manifesto offered a great suggestion that we think would make a cool Bourdain Day tradition, “bring some ice cold refreshments for the kitchen wherever you’re dining tonight.” Anthony Bourdain stressed the importance of showing appreciation to the people who are feeding you and loved back-of-house staff, and we couldn’t think of a better way to thank those who have the job of feeding people every night. After all, they’ll need something to toast Anthony with too!

Here are tweets honoring Bourdain from celebrities and people in the food and travel worlds.

And finally, from Uproxx’s own Charles Thorp: