This Food Will Make You Seem Sexier, According To The Coolest Study Ever


Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, it takes more than a cool truck and stomach muscles to attract a willing mate. There are deeper biological forces at work, things that have been connecting pelvises since the caveman days.

The strongest of these forces could very well be scent and, despite what Axe body spray will have you believe, that scent is not Fierce Tangerine. Our unique body funk conveys a wealth of information about us — our health, our diet, our genetic potential — that conspire together to answer one very important question: “Are we going to get laid?”

Thanks to a recently published study in Appetite, we now know a simple way to make sure our personal body odor makes us more sexually attractive: eating garlic.

As reported by Food Beast:

During the experiment, 42 male participants were given varying amounts of garlic bulbs or capsules to consume in three separate phases. Their body odors were collected by the pads they were required to wear for 12 hours after. Those pads were then sniffed by 82 women who rated the small by their attractiveness, intensity and pleasantness…When researchers doubled the amount of garlic consumption to 12 grams in the second phase, women found the odor to be increasingly pleasant, attractive, and less intense than the non-garlic odor.

The researchers theorized that the increase in the potency of the subject’s sex musk* (not the actual name of the thing, but it should be) may come from the health benefits of garlic. Simply put, women are more attracted to a potential mate who is in good health.

This, of course, does little to explain the unarguable sexual appeal of Mick Jagger, but he has been baffling conventional science for decades, anyway.

Swamp Creature Named After Mick Jagger
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