Watch A Gator Brutally Gulp Down Another Gator (But Maybe Shield Your Kids’ Eyes First)

Who knew gator meat was so popular among, um, gators?

The video you see nestled above features the surreal sight of a massive alligator chowing down on a smaller gator. Alex Figueroa noted in this clip’s accompanying description that he saw the sight of gator-on-gator cannibalism while on a morning walk before work and that probably beats scanning billboards on a commute to the office. How can a saucy Old Navy ad compete with an ALLIGATOR EATING ANOTHER FREAKING ALLIGATOR? It can’t.

We might just be projecting here, but the gator seems okay with showcasing its predator-esque charisma for the camera. This 11 foot to 12 foot reptile is practically “smizing” as all eyes are on this massive Florida resident and the dangling entrée in its massive jaws. This is not the sort of gator that you’d want to try and toss through a Wendy’s drive-thru window. (Also please stop doing that.)

The sight of one gator feasting on another feels a smidge like how a movie about the apocalypse might start, but it’s not all that unnatural of a practice. Florida Fish and Wildlife officer Gary Morse told FOX 13 that the mesmerizing horrorshow in the video is “typical alligator behavior.” Not unlike human cannibals (Gators: they’re just like us!) alligators have assorted reasons for chowing down on members of the same species, ranging from territorial issues to just plain ol’ being cannibalistic sometimes. Nature! It’s still pretty weird!

(Via Palm Beach Post)

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