A George Costanza-Themed Bar Now Exists To Help You Drown Your Sorrows

If a Breaking Bad-themed coffee shop exists, then surely the world is long overdue for a Seinfeld-themed establishment. Well, the time has finally arrived. In time for the new year, a new bar opened in Melbourne, Australia. Not a deli but a bar, and hey, who’s complaining? The watering hole goes in deeper than a mere show retrospective and digs its glasses into George Costanza. If one’s feeling pathetic enough to drown sorrows in a cocktail, “Costanza” perfectly describes that pathetic feeling. Yes, and the place is even called George’s Bar.

The Sydney Herald unveils words from co-owner Dave Barett: “George Costanza suits a bar in a lot of ways. The humour around George works.” Indeed, George’s smiling noggin can be found all over the bar’s walls and on its menu, which features cocktails such as the Marisa Tomei.

The walls and decor of the bar feature Seinfeld decor, and the establishment’s front doors bear two Costanza quotes: “It’s not a lie if you believe it” and “Everyone must like me, I must be liked.” The bar’s namesake likes this place too. Someone told Alexander about this place, and he seems pretty pumped.

Here are some more photos of the ambiance you’ll find at George’s Bar.

This happened too (only at George’s bar).

(Via George’s Bar on Facebook and Sydney Herald)