How To Score Free Chipotle During This Weekend’s NBA Finals

Chipotle/Getty Image/Uproxx

The NBA Finals begin this week and to celebrate the occasion, Chipotle will be giving away up to a million dollars worth in free food to hungry, quick-tweeting basketball fans. A million dollars is equivalent to 512,820 and a half side orders of Chipotle’s guacamole, but we’ve checked, and that isn’t a redeemable option in this offer. A free burrito is pretty good too, though.

Here’s how you can cash in. During the first 20 on-air mentions of the word “free” by the play-by-play announcers, color commentators, or sideline reporters, @Chipotletweets will be tweeting out codes redeemable for a free burrito.

The codes will only be valid for the first 500 mobile users who text the number 888222 during the first half of the games, with an additional 1,000 respondents eligible during the second half. In the announcement of the drinking-game style contest, Chipotle further explained the contest to Food & Wine, giving some examples of where you might hope to hear the winning-word.

“Free throws. Free agent. Cutting away to get free. All of this means free burritos… Every time an on-air announcer says the word ‘free’ during the official coverage of the men’s professional basketball championship series, Chipotle will be ‘freeting’ : live Tweeting a unique code good for the chance to score a free burrito from @chipotletweets.”

Hey Chipotle, stop trying to make ‘freeting’ a thing, it’s never going to happen!

If you’re worried about missing precious moments from the game to claim your free burrito, you’ll be pleased to know that Chipotle will also be offering free deliveries via DoorDash on game days. The whole thing is pretty sweet, especially considering Chipotle doesn’t even have a running sponsorship deal with the NBA. They’re just doing this for the love of the game. Or they’ve just run out of people interested in paying for food poisoning. Hard call. But we’ll take that risk for a free burrito any day.