Gaze Upon These Colossal DIY Chicken Nuggets And Drool A Jealous Drool

Chicken nuggets are a gift from each and every god. If they weren’t, how could Houston Rockets basketball legend Hakeem Olajuwon down 100 of those bad boys like it was nothing? (There’s a real answer to this, but please play along.) Chicken nuggets can come in dinosaur shapes which unquestionably sh*ts on whatever it is that truffles bring to the table. The fun-size element to nuggets is also key to their magic, but we’d be game to eat some sort of colossal mutant nugget if presented the opportunity. Thanks to HellthyJunkFood, such a dream has become reality and you can try your luck at making this meat curio the size of a tombstone.

JP Lambiase and Julia Yarinsky have once again invited us into their world of mad science and junk culinary daring. This particular go-around has both cooks attempting to whip up an elite giant chicken nugget. JP’s approach includes the big home run swing of including McNuggets inside his nugget (which itself is Wendy’s inspired), while Julia opted for a more classic technique. Well, as classic as making enormous chicken nuggets for internet fun reasons can get. If you’d like to try your hand and such a herculean pursuit, there’s even a detailed recipe in non-video form to go along with the visual aid.

Come for the construction, stay for the dining, leave before you’re roped into doing dishes.

(Via HellthyJunkFood & FoodBeast)