This Photo Of An Autistic Girl Alone At Her Own Birthday Party Has Gone Viral For A Very Positive Reason

06.10.16 3 years ago 11 Comments

As much as the internet has become a place for anonymous ridicule, judgment, and insults, it also lets us enjoy fun things like this 68-year-old Scottish Drake fan and an awesome little girl wearing a hotdog costume. Today, the internet is wrangling in one more point for the good guys with an inspiring viral Facebook post.

On Tuesday, a woman named Rebecca Lyn shared a photo of her 18-year-old cousin Hallee. Rebecca says the photo was taken last year at Hallee’s 18th birthday party. Hallee, who has autism, was excited to celebrate her birthday at the bowling alley with cake, ice cream, classmates, and friends, but was heartbroken when no one showed up. Rebecca describes Hallee as a funny, sweet, caring, and smart and it’s gut wrenching to see her so down on her own birthday.

That’s where the internet has the opportunity to become a hero!

This year, Rebecca wants to help Hallee celebrate her 19th birthday with friends and strangers on Facebook. Rebecca is asking anyone touched by Hallee’s story to send a birthday card to her cousin who, like us, loves getting snail mail. She provided an address and a quick update to ensure people that while they’d be greatly appreciated, the gifts people are eager to send are not necessary. A card, she writes, would do just fine.

The post has almost 150,000 shares and we have little doubt Hallee will be feeling the love on her 19th birthday. Before anyone starts trying to find out where Hallee went to school and starts making death threats to the people who didn’t show up last year — paw paw, anyone? — let’s remember that we don’t know why people weren’t able to make her party. We’re all just trying to make this year’s a success.

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