Expect To Pay More For Your Thin Mints This Year Because Girl Scout Cookies Are Getting A Price Hike


Depending on where you live, you might be paying more for your Girl Scout Cookies this year, according to a new report. California Girl Scout councils in Massachusetts and California are raising their cookie prices for the first time in eight years, from $4 to $5 per box, joining councils in Nevada and Hawaii, which made the bump last season.

Since each regional council determines their own cookie prices, even if the change does not affect your particular region this cookie season, expect that other councils will soon follow suit as long as the hike doesn’t affect cookie sales, which is unlikely.

The $5 price tag will boost profits for the Girl Scouts to $0.90 per box, up from a $0.62 when the boxes were $4, according to Patricia Parcellin, president of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts.

Parcellin doesn’t expect to see a drop in demand because of the price hike. “I believe that people who buy Girl Scout cookies are supporting girls because they believe in girls learning these essential skills,” she said.

Let’s be real, here, though. Almost no one buys Girl Scout Cookies because “they believe in girls learning these essential skills.” The main reasons people buy Girl Scout Cookies are because they get pressured by their bosses and coworkers, they get pressured by their friends, family and neighbors, and because Samoas and Thin Mints taste goddamn delicious. There’s a reason why they don’t sell Girl Scout Raisins or Girl Scout Carrot Sticks.

(Via WTKR News Channel 3)