In Southern California Goats Are A Vital Form Of Fire Prevention

07.08.19 1 week ago

Getty Image/Uproxx

As the saying goes, not all heroes wear capes. Some run head first into a fire equipped with over 45 pounds of gear and live to tell about it.

Firefighters are heroes. No doubt about that. But they don’t all fit the “wearing flame-retardant gear to battle back flames” mold. Some are planners, working on long term prevention. Some are ecologists, trying to understand the large scale impacts that wildfires have on our ecosystems. And some… have horns, hooves, walk on four legs, and eat grass.

What we’re getting at is, not all firefighters are human at all. Some, it turns out, are goats.

Fire Departments all across California have been relying on goats to clear the type of brush that can act as devastating wildfire fuel every year for almost a decade. And the goats are so good at the job that one small town in California even set up a Go Fund Me campaign this year — cheekily named Goat Fund Me — to raise money to bring goats in to clear the brush on hundreds of wildfire-vulnerable city-owned acres.

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