Gold Soft Serve Combines Two Precious Things In One Delicious Package

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If you were upset to read that enough edible gold to build an amusement park swirled through the sewers of Los Angeles after The Oscars (and that none of it came from your own personal digestive tract) have we got some exciting news for you! Now you, yes, you, a normal person who is not a celebrity, can eat as much gold-covered soft-serve as you like for a very reasonable price: $8 and a round-trip ticket to Japan (or a one-way. There’s gold-covered ice cream, you might decide to stay).

Business Insider reports that the very special ice cream comes from Kanazawa, which is the gold leaf capital of Japan. And with so much gold leaf just laying around (honestly, it sounds like a really magical place) (one in which we’d like to imagine people regularly just cover themselves in gold for fun) ice cream vendors thought it’d be fun to spice up a boring old vanilla cone with a protective layer of precious metal.

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