A Major STD Is Poised To Become Completely Incurable In 2017


Nobody wants an STD, but you really don’t want gonorrhea. It’s not just painful, it can raise your risk of cancer and even attack your joints or your eyes in extreme cases. That’s why the fact that Swedish doctors are convinced it’s about to become incurable is something you should definitely pay attention to.

The Local asked a few doctors about Sweden’s rising STD rates and declining condom use, and the news isn’t good: There’s already a strain of gonorrhea that’s only treatable with one antibiotic combo right now, and by the end of 2017, that may be off the table. While replacements for antibiotics, and new types of antibiotics, are on the way, they may not be able to stop some people from getting an incurable case of the disease.

The upside is that testing has gotten simpler and easier, which is why reports of cases have increased, and it also means the disease is easier to spot. And of course, there’s a simple way to prevent getting an incurable STD — namely using a condom. People act like there are pros and cons to wearing one, but as a general rule, “avoiding catching a disease that might put you in incredible agony and give you cancer” tends to overwhelm any whining. No glove, no love, kids.

(Via Teen Vogue)