Gordon Ramsay Ranks The Five Worst Halloween Treats Ever

10.26.16 1 year ago

Halloween is nearly upon us, so you know what that means: endless hot takes on what the best and the worst Halloween candy is. And this year, Jimmy Kimmel enlisted the help of none other than hyper-critical celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to run down what the worst treats are; despite the fact that Halloween isn’t really widely celebrated over in the UK. Last time Gordon was on the show Kimmel made him try Girl Scout Cookies for the first time, which he was not exactly a fan of — so perhaps you can consider this as a form of punishment.

First Ramsay samples Smarties, which he not incorrectly likens to “the perfect combination of aspirin and TUMS. Next up up tries circus peanuts, which he compared to “clown [bleep],” but I assume we can all figure out what he meant. Then he moves onto candy corn, which is the Halloween candy equivalent of putting ketchup on a hot dog. Many argue that it’s an abomination while others say, come on, it’s not that bad. Ramsay, unsurprisingly is not a fan, comparing it “earwax in the shape of a rotten tooth” before spitting it put and tossing the bowl over his shoulder.

Lastly he moves on to the dreaded apples and pennies, Halloween treats which I think we can all unequivocally agree are just plain bad. Do not give these out unless you like having your house egged.

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