Watch This Teen Drop The Mic On Ugly Graduation Gowns In Less Than Thirty Seconds

Graduation day: you work so hard for so many years, only to have your efforts pay off in the form of a cheap, mildly stinky polyester gown with past graduates’ tissues still stuck in the hidden sleeve pockets.

Antonio Tate agrees. The high school senior recently posted a mini-rant about his graduation gown on his Twitter account, comparing himself to a “big-ass Kool-Aid jar” with the gown on,  mocking the enormous sleeves, and launching into an impersonation of singing in a gospel choir.

The tweet has already received over 24,000 likes and retweets each, with commiserators leaving comments like the following:

Poor Antonio. The kid’s got a great sense of fashion — you can tell from the other photos he’s posted on Twitter — but it’s completely smothered by the giant purple monstrosity that is his graduation gown. But the good thing about gowns is that they’re generally massive enough to allow for wearing a pretty slick outfit underneath. We’re guessing he’s going to unzip himself out as soon as he’s got his diploma in hand. Possibly (hopefully) right there on the stage.

And hey, Antonio. You should probably consider a career in gospel singing. Sure, the robes would be similarly hideous, but you’ve got the groove down already.