This Green Eyed Fish With Wings Is March’s Fish Of The Month

The idea of living “unda da sea” with Ariel and Spongebob used to sound so fun and whimsical. But things are getting super weird down there and crazy-looking deep-sea creatures just won’t stop surfacing, so we’re starting to have serious doubts! Back in January we brought you this Frogfish and then a month later in February we felt it was important you knew about this creature with a human nose. The #fishofthemonth trend continues into March with this latest marine marvel.

It was captured by fisherman Scott Tanner during a 42-day fishing trip in Nova Scotia. Tanner was fishing for redfish and cod when this wacko showed up on his conveyer belt.

Ok, let’s go ahead and dissect this a little bit, not literally just, you know, let’s think about it. The creature has two green eyes that look EXACTLY like skittles you’ve been sucking on for three or four minutes. They’re just jammed right into the top of its head with no indication as to how they stay in those hollow sockets.

Then somehow, this deep-sea fish has wings! Or at least, what look like wings. Honestly, they look more like the pair of clay wings you made in art class in 10th grade that cracked while they were in the kiln. Really crafty stuff.

The worst part is the face, or beak, or snout. We don’t know what to call it! It’s long, pointed, and unnervingly paler than the rest of the creature. This thing seriously looks like a pet one of the ladies would have had in that Roald Dahl book, The Witches.

After Tanner posted a photo of the “fish” on Facebook, it obviously went viral and it appears to be a knifenose chimaera (aka a ratfish, yum)! They swim along the ocean floor (.2 to 1.6 miles deep) using their six pointy teeth to catch prey. Its snout is equipped with electroreceptors which sense heartbeats of other creatures. So play dead when you swim by!