Watch This Guy Eat Unopened Military Rations From 1955 And Somehow Manage Not To Die

A guy who goes by Steve1989 on YouTube has made a hobby out of acquiring, testing, and reviewing old military rations — as one does! In this video, Steve got his hands on two extremely rare 1955 B-Unit cans from a Post-Korean War-era ration kit, and decided to open them up and subject himself to 61-year-old food for our collective viewing enjoyment.

And what did he discover? The first can contained somewhat stale (but not inedible) crackers, blackberry jam that was surprisingly still edible despite the fact that the can was no longer sealed, and some powdered hot cocoa, which he said “tastes like you took pool water and added hot chocolate to it.” Mmm!

As for the second can, he found more crackers, a rancid-smelling coconut fudge bar which he thankfully/sadly declined to taste, and a completely intact can of peanut butter “as old as his mom.” Most incredibly out of the whole experiment, the peanut butter tasted fine and Steve ended up wolfing down half the can.

Just in case you’re wondering, Steve did not require hospitalization shortly after he concluded the experiment and uploaded the video to YouTube, as he writes in an update that 21 hours later he was just fine. We salute you, Steve1989, for risking life and gastrointestinal wellness in the name of both science and entertainment.

(Via Reddit)