You Can Fist Bump Guy Fieri Himself At FieriCon This Weekend

Life Writer

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Guy Fieri is the light beer of the food world — everyone loves to talk smack, but the numbers reveal our secretly love. Well, love may be a strong word for a personality like Fieri. He’s an acquired taste, much like his food. But you can’t argue with the success of a man who has his own festival.

FieriCon has been around for three years. It’s not a food convention. It’s a bar crawl started by some people who love to relish in (and poke some fun at) the inventor of donkey sauce, while getting hammered at some of New York city’s finest watering holes.

The whole crawl culminates at the restaurateur’s own personal flavortown: Guy’sAmerican Kitchen and Bar. This year Fieri himself will be there to lean into the laughs and bump some fists. It does say a lot about Fieri that he’s willing to embrace FieriCon and the people who just want to have a little fun with the whole persona.

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