How To Be The Best Treat-Giver Ever This Halloween


If you’re the kind of person who worships at the altar of “good enough” and you come home with three bags of (allegedly) “fun”-sized mass produced candy for trick or treaters (or yourself), that is completely fine and I respect your life choices. But some people value America’s future thought-leaders and brand engineers a little bit more than that, while others feel a responsibility to pad the $7 billion that Americans will spend on Halloween this year. So, for those who want to provide only the very best, here’s a quick glimpse at some of the richest “Treat” options available:

Make It Rain Toblerone


A delightful mix of high-quality cacao, Swiss milk, nougat, and aromatic honey, the Toblerone is a delicacy which has been whored out as an aisle-side impulse buy in recent years, allowing the commoners to be wowed by its unique triangular design and multi-layered packaging. Despite this dalliance with the slummy lifestyle of a Heath Bar, the Toblerone still gives off a slightly regal vibe, and you’d be smart to toss the nearly one-pound version of the bars into the waiting pumpkin buckets of the neighborhood children. Make no mistake, though, this is the entry-level option for upscale candy giving. It’s basically a Buick in a world of Jaguars and Mercedes. In case you’re wondering, Ferrero Rocher is a Volvo in this scenario.

Do The Truffle Shovel


A truffle isn’t a mere candy, it’s a moment, and who doesn’t want to spread joy through blissful moments? But can you only give away one chocolate ball of delight? Can you limit the children to a single flavor when life is meant to be a cornucopia of worldly experiences? Of course not, so why not fill your fourth finest crystal bowl with a whimsical selection of truffles and allow each kid to pick two or three?

Gift Baskets


When children aren’t exposed to extravagance and made to feel special, their souls curdle, their shoulders slump, and their trajectory lowers to the point that they are doomed to crash land in a middle management job. Don’t be responsible for that. Break out the cel-o-phane and make a gift basket. Fill said basket with upscale lollipops from your local chocolatier or the Tuscan-made Amedei bar.

Pull off any one of these utterly opulent acts of generosity and fabulosity, and you will not only keep your house free of eggs and toilet paper, but you’ll undoubtedly be revered as the biggest baller on the block.

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