Hang Gliding In The San Bernardino Mountains Brings You High Above The Stress Of City Life

Uproxx’s Steve Vasquez knows that he needs to break out of the monotony he’s found himself in. It’s not that anything is wrong, per se — he has an amazing girlfriend, he loves his job, and he lives in an awesome city — it’s just that lately, he’s fallen into a predictable routine. A little too predictable. He needs a break from the everyday hustle.

To get things back on track, Steve called his friend, Ciara Johnson — a traveler and all around bad-ass adventurer — for a little advice. Her prescription: to shake things up with an adventure, stat.

Which is why today, Johnson and Vasquez are heading to Marshall Peak in the San Bernardino Mountains. The spot, perfect for extreme sports, is not far outside of Los Angeles and only two and a half hours from San Diego. It’s there that Vasquez will attempt something he’s absolutely terrified of: hang gliding.

As they drive out of the city, he nervously asks Johnson if she’s ever done it before. “I’ve been skydiving, paragliding, and parasailing,” she says. “And every time I go on a new adventure, I am discovering parts of myself that I didn’t even know existed.”

This is what she Ciara hopes Steve will find as he soars through the sky — those new parts of himself that will help him to push past his conventional boundaries and toward a life filled with more thrilling adventures. Can he do it? Watch above as Vasquez embarks on an epic adventure and breaks the monotony of his life in the city.