Sorry, Potter-Heads: The Hogwarts Valentine’s Day Sold Out In Record Time

Just one day after they became available, tickets to Warner Bros. London Studio Tour’s “Valentine’s Dinner in the Great Hall” sold out. So, unless you plan to Accio the crap out of someone’s ticket, you’ll have to wait until next year to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the greatest place on Earth.

For just $715, the night’s itinerary of wining (seriously, there’s a good amount of booze) and dining is sure to make any Potterhead giddy. That’s $715 excluding travel, so if you’re in the U.S., you may think about saving a bit on airfare and hopping on that old broom of yours.

The evening begins with registration and romantic drinks (potions?) and “canapés” (which is Muggle for ‘fancy finger-food’). Afterwards, guests walk the red carpet to the Great Hall where they’ll take a seat with their loved one at a table for two, tastefully decorated with flowers and candles. Guests will be served a three-course meal (with vegetarian options!) and wine paired with each course.

hogwarts replica

Following dinner, guests will explore the rest of the studio, ending with after-dinner DRINKS! and chocolates. Then you’re given a wand to make double entendres with, and you and your beloved get to roam the grounds. Just kidding. You do get a wand, but they kick you out fifteen minutes later and you’re shuttled back to reality.

Still, if the magic wasn’t enough of an aphrodisiac, all the booze will probably do the trick. Mark it on your calendar for next year!