Parents Are Already Claiming Their Kid’s Hatchimals Are Cursing At Them

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12.29.16 2 Comments

If you can remember back to the late nineties and the rise of Furby, you might also remember the slight panic that followed involving the Furby’s ability to learn and record phrases. If you and the rest of the family unit used salty language, your Furby doll might very well repeat it and expand your child’s vocabulary a bit too early. There was also this whole thing where the NSA banned them because of the fear they might be used to spy and steal confidential information, but the language thing is where this fits in now.

This holiday’s big toy was the Hatchimal, an unofficial relation to the Furby that hatches from an egg and apparently needs the care of your children to keep it from “dying.” Many parents seem to be having issues with the beast not wanting to hatch or running out of battery power, but a few are having a similar language issue according to Mashable. It would seem that parents think their child’s Hatchimal is also spewing out foul language while in “sleep” mode.

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