Yes, The ‘Headphanie’ Hennessy Bottle Is A Real Thing, And This Is How You Can Get It [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Looks like Twitter has forced Lilac Company to halt all production of “Headphanie.” Scroll down for details.

Shout out to every single Stephanie now being called “Headphanie” because of Young M.A.’s smash hit “OOOUUU.” Sorry, girl, but things just got a tad bit worse because Hennessy has partnered up with Florida boutique Lilac Company for an official “Headphanie” bottle. Ooouuu!

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The “Headphanie” bottles have been popping up all over social media in the past 24 hours, prompting others to wonder, “Wait, is this thing real?!” Why, yes it is real. It’s not just some random person photoshopping legit bottles of Hennessy for double taps and retweets. Lilac Company and Hennessy seriously linked up for this special edition bottle of cognac. The Florida boutique debuted the bottle at their “Something Light” exhibit last Friday.

Right now, the purple bottles are only available at two brick-and-mortar liquor spots in Hallandale, Florida — 24/7 Liquor and Sweeney. Non-Floridians wanting to cop a bottle of “Headphanie” can lookout for an online release soon. Lilac says “Headphanie” will also be “randomly” available on their website within “the next day or two.” That should be fun to look out for.

Just want to note that I haven’t seen Young M.A. promote the bottle on her Hennynhoes Instagram, but I hope she’s getting a nice-sized cut of the profits. It’s the least they can do given the vulturing nature of it all.

Update: Just as I suspected, Young M.A. had absolutely nothing to do with “Headphanie” bottles. Once Twitter found that out, along the fact that the makers were “a bunch of culture vultures,” it was a wrap for the purple bottle.

Lilac Company says they’ve halted “Headphanie” production and have removed all bottles off store shelves. The boutique attributes their decision to morals and not rumored cease and desist letters.

And they say Black Twitter isn’t good for anything. Ha!