Cheers! This Awesome Study Says Living Near A Pub Makes You Happier

01.25.16 3 years ago

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Good news everyone, according to a new Oxford University study, living near a pub is surprisingly good for you! The research, done by the Campaign for Real Ale, (Camra) points out all the unnoticed benefits of being a regular. Those who often enjoy a pint close to home are “significantly” happier, says the study. They have more friends, better life satisfaction, and are less likely to drink in excess. This feels like a no-brainer because BOOZE CLOSE BY but it’s always nice to anchor ideas with a study.

The study drew a distinction between small local pubs and larger establishments, noting the importance and increased incidence of face-to-face interactions and conversations in smaller businesses. Let’s face it, you can find somewhere to hide way more easily in the Hard Rock Café than you can in the 1200 square foot bar beneath your apartment.


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