Hidden Valley Is Selling A ‘Ranch Keg’ And People Can’t Handle It

Can there be such a thing as too much Ranch dressing? That’s the existential question Hidden Valley is posing with a new product in its online holiday store: an actual keg of Ranch dressing. Yes, you heard that right. For the not unreasonable price of $50, all things considered, a 9.7 inch tall Hidden Valley® Mini Ranch Keg, which holds up to five liters of Ranch dressing, can be all yours. And yes, that price does include a year’s supply of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.

To anyone wondering about the dubious sounding prospect of keeping that much salad dressing from going bad, the product description on the website helpfully notes that a “special inside coating meets FDA specifications and keeps the ranch tasting fresh.” So ostensibly, the Ranch should taste just as good 10 months down the line as when you first tap it. (Does one “tap” a keg of Ranch? Questions we never thought we’d be asking ourselves.)

The Ranch keg joins other holiday-themed items in the Hidden Valley store such as a holiday version of their Ranch fountain for $110, ornaments, socks, and ugly sweaters. The Ranch kegs can be pre-ordered now, but won’t be shipping until December 11, just in time for holiday gatherings.

Either way, the uh, unique gift has definitely got people talking — love it or hate it. Many took to Twitter to express their excitement and/or shock over the fact that we live in a Ranch Keg world now.

Maybe next year, we’ll finally get the Ranch Dressing Hose the world has been clamoring for.