This High School Graduate With No Achievements To Her Name Just Dropped The Mic On Her Academic Record

Here’s a truth most universal: No matter what your guidance counselor will tell you — high school does not matter. It just doesn’t. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go, but there are plenty of people who did poorly in 10th grade and are still doing fine now that they’re adults. The problem is, of course, that while most of us recognize that failing geometry three times (source: experience) won’t doom you to a life of tragedy, parents, teachers and other well-meaning adults make it all about grade point averages and which college you got into. And while most high school grads are currently freaking out about the future, one newly-minted grad is standing up to say “yo, it’s cool if you didn’t do so well.”

Posted shortly after her own graduation, the following tweet, by a woman named Lacie turns the idea of being embarrassed for being an underachiever (or at least someone who’s just not that into AP courses) and turns it on its head. Instead of feeling bad about her GPA and lack of scholarships, Lacie put out a message for those of us who maybe almost didn’t make it through senior year.

Oh noes! How will she ever survive? Probably by going to a junior college and then transferring like many other people. Of course, because the Internet is full of sane and rational people, everyone took Lacie’s tweet for the joke that it was. Lol, no. In fact, she had to provide some context to make sure that the haters understood that it’s not education Lacie was against, but for making it clear that not getting a 4.0 won’t ruin your life.

And just so everyone truly understands:

You tell ’em, Lacie. Considering how coherent, funny, and concise your tweets are, there’s no doubt you’re gonna kill it in college. Hold on to that sense of humor. You’re going to need it for your required 8 a.m. math class!