‘Highlights’ Magazine Features Gay Couple For First Time In Its History

01.11.17 2 years ago 4 Comments

In news that will send at least 52 moms (the entire number currently loyal to the One Million Moms movement) into another apoplectic frenzy, Highlights, the magazine children read while nervously waiting for the dentist has published its first depiction of a same-sex couple in the magazine’s 70-year history.

The image, which appears in February’s issue, isn’t on the cover. And it’s not, as some people definitely feared, a full-colored representation of the “homosexual lifestyle” boiled down to its most base form (dudes having sex). Instead, it’s a tastefully done sidebar featuring two dads helping their kids pack for a trip. The wording below asks readers to remember one of their most treasured family vacations and send in their stories. And unless you were totally looking for it — if you’re a kid who has gay parents or someone looking for something to be outraged about on behalf of THE CHILDREN! — you probably wouldn’t even notice.

The move to include a depiction of a homosexual couple in the magazine isn’t a result of the decline of western society or part of an agenda that sees young and impressionable children recruited to a sexual orientation (you literally cannot do that; see: conversion therapy), but a prudent decision on the part of the magazine to include all types of families within its pages (after being called out by activists) — allowing kids who have gay parents to recognize their own experience in their favorite magazine and letting kids whose parents are heterosexual learn about the other types of families their kids might interact with — building strong developing minds that will hopefully move towards stamping out hate and bigotry.

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