Best Cocktails For Christmas, Power Ranked.

12.19.18 5 months ago


We know there are countless ways to have a Merry Christmas, but for our purposes, we’re going to concentrate on doing so by having the best holiday parties ever. And to have a great holiday gathering, your drink game has to be solid. Christmas cocktails are some of the most fun you’ll have all year, but they’re not all are created equally. So, to help you up your game and have Christmas gatherings with the very BEST cocktails, we’ve power-ranked our favorites.

9. Chocolate martini

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Okay, so there is no Christmas cocktail that is bad. Let’s get that out of the way. The Chocolate Martini though is… it’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s so thick and dessert-ish. And honestly, if I want to eat that much sugar, I’ll eat one of the hundreds of delicious sugar cookies that are circulating everywhere this time of year. If I want to drink chocolate, hot chocolate exists! And if I want to get turnt, I’m certainly not going to do so with a chocolate martini. No one is. It’s a hybrid freak of a drink that should wear a mask and live under the opera singing in sweet, dulcet tones to seduce us. But not be at a Christmas party, you know? There are better options out there.

8. Spiced wine

The only time I want mulled wine is when I’m sitting watch on the wall against the white walkers. I like warm, alcoholic drinks. Really, I do. But warm wine is a last resort. I was at a party recently and I poured spiced warm wine into my glass and immediately regretted it. “Why didn’t I do regular wine or a hot whiskey drink?” I lamented. Of course, I could have poured the drink out and started over, but instead, I chugged it. Every last drop — cleaning it dry as if I were a dishwasher, and then started over with a whiskey. I really showed that spiced wine who’s boss, so…

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